After serving our community for more than 100 years, our dedication has never been stronger.

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Our Beginnings

John Henry Clay (J.H.C.) Stuart founded SNB Bank NA in August 1909. The Bank operated under a state charter until 1911, when it incorporated under the national banking laws. With his three sons, W.E. Stuart, John Lindley Stuart, Sr., and James W. Stuart, J.H.C. Stuart led the bank to become one of the best in the area.

The bank was located at First and Main streets until 1963. It was then moved to its current location at 503 South Main Street. The original bank building was donated to the Town of Shattuck. The first floor is the Shattuck Public Library while the second floor is the Masonic Lodge.

Ned Stuart and J.L. “Jiggs” Stuart, Jr recalled some highlights and special memories of the bank’s history. The brothers remembered that their first official duty for SNB Bank NA as children was to clean out the brass spittoons that were located throughout the bank.

While the bank was still in its original location at First and Main, the bank did not have regular closing hours. As long as there were customers, the bank stayed open. In addition, all of the bank employees wore their hats the entire day. 

Many business owners did not trust the night deposit drop, so Jiggs Stuart remembers opening the bank on Saturday mornings. Jiggs and Ned also remembered sorting and filing checks by hand before automated banking systems were in use. 

The cash vault sat in the window of the original bank so that was in full view of all passersby in case of robbery. Ned recalled that the original vault was moved from the first bank building to the present location with a truck and an A-frame. The vault being carried up Main Street made quite an impression on all those who helped with the move as well as those who witnessed its slow parade to the current bank location.

Our Team
Board of Directors
  • Rusty Stuart

  • Delene Stuart

  • Kenton Burgess

  • Carson Schilling

  • L. Clay Stuart

  • Robert Gorr

  • Trip Kuehne

  • Monty James, Advisory Director

  • Greg Huenergardt, Advisory Director

  • Van Hurst, Advisory Director

  • Jason Schickedanz, Advisory Director

  • Travis Floyd, Advisory Director

  • Glenn Miller, Advisory Director

  • Kurt Benjamin, Advisory Director

Loan Officers
  • L. Clay Stuart

  • Rusty Stuart

  • Tyke Greer

  • Hunter Wade

  • Tiffany Cates

Executive Officers
  • L. Clay Stuart - President & CEO

  • Rusty Stuart - Executive Vice President

  • Tyke Greer - Senior Vice President

  • Debby Terzo - Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

  • Sherri Nieman - Vice President & Compliance Officer

  • Lesta Stevens - Assistant Vice President & Head Cashier

  • Nicki Sanchez - Assistant Vice President & Credit Administrator

  • Hunter Wade - Assistant Vice President

  • Tiffany Cates - Assistant Vice President

  • Jordan Shearer - Assistant Vice President

Customer Service and Support

  • Joe Thomas  

  • Kelsi Stevens

  • Sara Rutledge

  • Tristan Pshigoda

  • Rhonda Thomas

  • Paige Ridley                                   

  • Max Flores

  • Ariel Callaway

  • Rachel Jones

  • Greg Tangney

  • Griselda Rosales